InterCommerce SecureSystem

Online Tutorial - Contents

The VOE allows you to take your existing site and, with some changes to your HTML, allow full-featured, automated online shopping and product ordering.

You design your web site however you like. To integrate with the online ordering system you simply add a few extra HTML commands on pages wherever and whenever you want the user to:

Our system takes care of the rest!

In the following sections, we outline the necessary commands and options.

NOTE: Some of the sections below may be password-protected. The tutorial section is generally reserved for authorized merchants. If you wish to gain access for the purpose of evaluating whether the system is appropriate for your use, send us E-Mail and we can authorize you to view the tutorial.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    A step-by-step introduction of how the Engine works and how you modify HTML to incorporate its features into your web site.

  2. Adding Items to the Shopping Basket
    Examples of HTML commands to add items to a user's shopping basket with explanations.

  3. Other Functions
    Explanation of HTML for making links to the check-out, emptying baskets and other options.

    A master listing of the structure and format for all Basic Engine functions.

  5. Shipping Tables and Other Options
    Information on how to create special shipping tables to make the system calculate freight charges based on total value or weight of the user's order.

  6. Sample Sites
    Here's a list of real sites using the system that you can learn from.

  7. Customization
    Special customization features and abilities - how to make the Engine's output appear more consistent with your site's "look-and-feel."

  8. Special Options

  9. Support
    Information on how to enhance the support you provide to customers. This section will be ever-expanding to include details on how the VOE works so you can identify the difference between system problems and user problems.

Centralized product databases that can be updated from your browser, custom modifications to the Engine, and many other features are available. Contact us for details or questions.