InterCommerce SecureSystem

Pricing & Options

The Engine is available in a number of "package deals" making it easy as well as economical to use. All packages feature:

Many special customization options are available. Since we designed the system, we can easily modify it to deal with special needs & requirements. Contact Us for specific information based on your application. No job is too large!

Getting set up typically involves a one-time charge to cover the configuration of the system for your application. If desired, we'll also advise you on special tricks and techniques you may want to employ to improve your online merchandising efforts (standard business consulting as well as technical info).

On an ongoing basis, we collect a standard monthly fee (payable quarterly) for use of the Engine; this covers maintenance as well as ongoing PR efforts to direct traffic to our "CyberMall" and help increase the number of customers to your site. This recurring charge helps subsidize our expenses in providing you the most advanced ordering network possible, and affords us the time to develop more features which will be available as they are implemented.

Basic VOE Package
Includes everything you need to get your system up and running. Orders are E-Mailed directly to your mailbox 24 hours a day. The Basic Package covers almost all of the major Engine features - other packages afford extra customization ability as well as special services such as database conversion.
Up to 100 different products can be sold online. (One product with different "styles" is still considered a single product)
One time set-up fee: $250.00
Monthly charge: $ 50.00

Extended VOE Package
Similar to the Basic Package, but no limitation is put on the number of products you may sell. If you're converting a large mail-order catalog, this package is ideal.
No limitations on the number of products sold
One time set-up fee: $250.00
Monthly charge: $100.00

Database VOE Package
If you want to take advantage of extra Engine features, such as the ability to have a centralized database (updatable from your web browser) that is searchable, this is the package for you. Other packages have the product data listed within the web pages - this option utilizes a searchable, centrally-located database - in this manner you can update the database and have any references on your site immediately reflect new pricing, descriptions, etc. Your web pages only need to reference the Product ID - everything else is retrieved from the central database.
Up to 3000 products, E-Mail for other pricing/options.
One time set-up fee: $500.00
Monthly charge: $150.00

Engine ® Add-On Options

In addition to the above packages, you can 'upgrade' the capabilities of your online ordering system by using some of the options below:

Order Engine Custom Headers & Footers
By default, the ordering system uses its "generic" set of headers and footers for display during the order process. If you would like to override these with your own custom headers and footers (making the ordering system appear exactly like the rest of your site), it can be easily accomplished. We give you a special ftp account to a directory where you can upload HTML files that replace our default items - this allows customization of almost EVERY area of output from the VOE!
One time set-up fee: $100.00
Monthly charge: $20.00

Order Notification Options
For an additional charge, we can transmit your product orders in a number of different ways. The default is standard E-Mail. Other options include:
PGP Encryption
Your orders can be E-mailed to another POP account, encrypted with the industry-standard PGP system. This affords maximum security.
One time set-up fee: $20.00
Monthly charge: $5.00
Secure Online Pickup
You'll receive a special user id and password which allows you to retrieve orders from our server via your browser (in SSL/Encryption mode).
One time set-up fee: $20.00
Monthly charge: $5.00
Automated FAX transmission
The instant a user places an order, our FAX gateway will send the order to your fax machine!
One time set-up fee: $50.00
Charge (includes long distance within the continental US): $1.50/per fax
Other options
If there's a way to send information over the Internet or other communication infrastructure, we can do it. Contact Us for details and a quote.

Additional Web Services

From online hosting to virtual domains, special scripts and marketing, we can offer a variety of unique systems for you or your clients. Almost everything is designed in-house using state-of-the-art technology and online resources.

Local Hosting
You can locate your entire site on our network if desired - the additional charge for hosting the site is added to the package price. There are a number of advantages: non-cookie-capable browsers are supported if you're located on our network, and you can fully-exploit our superior performance and reliability. This option includes an FTP account so you can update your web pages any time.

Note the great prices for hosting for Engine customers!


    If you are an agent or ISP, we want you to know that we do NOT solicit your clients, nor will we circumvent your relationship with your customer in any way! We offer additional web services only for your convenience and have no intention of competing with your efforts. If you bring in a client that uses any of our services, we wouldn't expect them to be privvy to these details in the first place, but if they tried to deal directly with us instead of you - we will not engage in such business without your explicit approval. We want you to feel confident that we're here to back-up your efforts and will not get into any situation which presents a conflict of interest.
Includes: 20MB of disk space, FTP Account, POP Account, Up to 100,000 hits/month
Contact Us for equally-attractive deals for larger or more active sites.
Basic Package Monthly charge: $20.00
Extended Package Monthly charge: $30.00
Database Package Monthly charge: $40.00

Virtual Domain Service
We can setup a virtual domain for your site located on our server - you have your own domain to operate your business under.
Includes registration with InterNIC, configuration of our DNS system, and setup in our web servers to recognize your new virtual host name. The initial setup also includes the $100 InterNIC charge to register the domain (which covers 2 years, and thereafter InterNIC charges $50/year for maintenance).
One time set-up fee: $150.00
Monthly charge: $10.00

Special Web Services
ICorp offers advanced scripts to handle just about any special application you require, E-Mail for more information & prices.
  • Custom Web databases
  • Guest books, counters
  • Rotating ad/content systems
  • Classified ads
  • Activity & traffic reporting systems
  • Special scripts to allow others to update portions of your site from their browser
  • .. and much more!

Marketing & PR Options
Looking to make a more dramatic impact? Want more traffic & recognition? We offer a plethora of PR options to make attracting and supporting customers easier and more efficient.
POP/E-Mail Accounts
You can have your own, separate E-mail account or alias on our system; this can be used for general correspondence, information requests, or a private mailbox for orders.
One time set-up fee: none
Monthly charge: $5.00
Automate product/service inquiries, promotion or technical support by setting up an Autoresponder. A special E-Mail account is set up so that if anyone sends to the address, a response is immediately mailed back with whatever text/information you desire.
One time set-up fee: none
Monthly charge: $5.00
Mailing List
Run your own mailing list! A fully-automated e-mail-based bulk-mailing system. Use this to keep customers informed of new developments, or to create a "Special Interest Discussion Group" surrounding your business. Cultivate a loyal following of users by offering general information. Your list can be set up in a variety of ways: open, closed, moderated, etc.
Annual charge (up to 300 names): $300.00
Extra annual charge for each additional 200 names: $100.00

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