InterCommerce SecureSystem

Adding Items to the Shopping Basket

Adding products to the user's shopping cart takes a few extra parameters (additional items of information that the Engine needs in order to complete its task). Obviously, you need to tell the Engine what product you are selecting, as well as its price, quantity, shipping charge/weight, description, etc.

The Engine recognizes a number of "fields" (bits of information associated with an item):

There are a number of ways to invoke the Engine. In order to give you maximum flexibility, we allow the ability to perform most of the Engine's functions from within a FORM as well as a stand-alone URL. In a FORM statement, you can have the user select multiple products with a single submission as well as specify quantities at the time of selection. With a URL statement, you can create clickable graphics which add items to a basket or go to the check out.

In each case, the method of sending information is slightly different as a result of the different references.

These commands are sent to the Engine in one of two ways:

In following sections of the tutorial, you'll find numerous examples of these HTML statements and their proper usage.

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