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VOE Coupon System

The VOE's new Coupon/Gift Certificate feature allows you to create and distribute "digital coupons" that behave just like real-life coupons or gift certificates, but have more power, flexibility and control, and best of all, are fully-automatic!

Now you have a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating incentives to generate additional interest and product sales! Here are some of the types of coupons you can create:

Each coupon or gift certificate can have its own unique name, amount and restrictions and there is no limit to how many can be created. You can use them as incentives to generate additional business, direct traffic to your site, or assign them as Gift Certificates. You can even change the coupon's parameters (discount, restrictions, etc.) after they've been given out.

Coupons can be distributed as a short "coupon code" or embedded into a URL that can be placed in web pages or e-mail for simple "one-click-shopping!"

With a little imagination you can implement a variety of promotions:

How does the VOE Coupon/Gift Certificate System work?

Authorized merchants will have a special administrative web interface they can go to, allowing them to add new coupons, remove coupons or change the details/restrictions of existing coupons. It's very simple to do, and there's only a single web page which gives you full access to your database of coupons. You can even change coupon details after the coupons have been given out! The system can also batch produce any number of unique coupons for special campaigns. Note that while we refer to "coupons" mostly, the same thing applies for Gift Certificates. Since you can name the coupon whatever you want, if you give it a dollar amount value, with no restrictions, it effectively serves as a gift certificate.

To get started, VOE clients should contact ICorp for access to the coupon administration system; we can have you configured to use coupons in seconds.

Getting started using coupons

If you're not a VOE merchant, you will need to Register and get set up with an account. If you are, then contact us and inquire about getting set up with a user ID and password to access the Coupon Administration System. We will give you an ID (which will be your merchant id), password, and a URL to the admin page. Make sure you are thoroughly familiar with how the system works by reading the coupon tutorial.

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