ICorp Online Ordering System

What's New!

New Features, Enhancements and News:

Coupon and Gift Certificate System! - Yes, now we have a fully-automated coupon and gift certificate system, allowin you to give out digital coupons to new or existing customers. The system is incredibly flexible offering a wide variety of discount types and restrictions. Virtually everything you could do with a paper coupon you can do with ICorp's new VOE Coupon System and more! For complete details, Click Here!.

New Configuration Options

Digital Payload Delivery! - Yes, the VOE gets even better, now with the ability to offer point-of-sale file downloads - with or without real time credit card authorization & capture! Our new system is incredibly flexible - we can sell your digital content online in a manner where it cannot be exploited by others - you set a time for a temporary download link to be made available to purchasers and after that, *poof* the digital content is unreachable, OR it can be only available one time at POS. This is just one of the new features avilable!

Unlike other online shopping systems, the VOE is constantly being improved and updated. Since ICorp maintains the central ordering servers which all merchants take advantage of, when a new version of the VOE is released, it is instantly available to be exploited. New features are regularly announced, along with information on how to incorporate the new abilities into your web site. Merchants will generally receive private e-mail with details, but this page also serves as another source of late-breaking information. Here we will discuss information on VOE features as well as issues involving online commerce and how the VOE addresses these issues.

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