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Going Through the Check-Out Process

Once you have the HTML set up to add products to the user's shopping basket, all that's needed to do is add a simple URL or button which invokes the engine in "Check-Out" mode. Once the user clicks on the URL or button, the Engine takes over and guides him through the ordering process.

Technically, you don't even need to add HTML to your page for the "check-out". When a user adds an item to his shopping basket, the Engine outputs a list of "available options" which includes a link to go to the check-out and complete the order.

However, it's always a good idea to add a "Go to the Check-Out", "Order Products" or similarly-labelled link on your page. You can do this either as a URL, or a FORM:

Changing the Engine behavior when selecting a product from a web page

By default, when using the add function, the specified product(s) are added to the user's shopping basket, after which he is presented with a generic page which says "The specified product(s) have been added to your Shopping Basket."

However, you can change this by specifying a different function in addition to the product information. If you specify review instead of add, when a user clicks on the URL, the basket review page appears instead. In some circumstances this may be more desireable - when adding an item to the shopping basket, the user sees a complete list of all items in his basket instead of a generic message.

Consider these three URLs. Each one specifies a product to be added to the basket, but the function varies, and therefore what the user sees when he clicks is slightly different:

The only changes we make to the URL in the three examples involve changing the main function. If product information is also sent at the time, the specified product is automatically placed into the user's shopping basket and the specified function is executed.

Other Options: The Jump and Return tokens

Whether you use the add, review or check functions when selecting products is a matter of personal preference. Perhaps review is the most logical choice, but with customization, you are afforded the opportunity to create your own messages to the user - maybe you might want to tell them something after they've selected a product? Perhaps if they select a particular product, you might want to have them see a special message outlining some other products they may be interested in?

When a product is added to the shopping basket, in addition to specifying the function, two additional tokens are available:

Emptying the Shopping Basket

There are basically three ways a user's shopping basket can be emptied:

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