InterCommerce SecureSystem

Calculating Shipping Charges

When you register to use the VOE, you tell us what method you plan on using to calculate shipping charges. This is one of the items we set up in your Vendor Configuration.

Shipping charges for orders can be calculated in a number of different ways:

Other Shipping Charges/Methods

You don't have to limit yoursef to our standard shipping calculation methods. By using a bit of creativity you can create different line items which reflect different shipping methods. If you offer options such as "Rush Delivery", you could create a line-item representing an additional charge to rush the order.

At present, the system does not have features to calculate shipping based on a user's location, HOWEVER this is one of the next features we will be adding - and when it's available you'll be able to use it with no extra charge!

In the meantime, you can add items such as extra charges for deliveries outside of the country, etc. Since these rates change very often, and depend upon the courier as well as the location of both you and your customer, it's often difficult to automate such a system - the Engine by default can display messages such as "shipping added to order later - see xxxx for shipping information" or "Does not include any international shipping charges.." These messages can be changed to suit your particular application.

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